nless otherwise specified, all equipments
are covered with a warranty period of 24 months from the date of

supply or 18 months from the date of commissioning which is earlier.

All equipment are supplied with respective maintenance manuals containing servicing instructions and list of spare parts.

Trained engineers often visit the homing sheds on receipt of any difficulty felt by our customers or defect reports. Apart from.... More >>
      Desk Top Master Controller is a manually operated aluminium cam actuated multiple contact switches for closing or opening of contacts in a sequence determined by design
The B. L. Switch Box generally to the specification indicated below is mounted in driver's cab of the Loco. The Auxiliary switch operated by a special key known as the 'BL' key and the cam operated .........
      All 25KV AC Electric Locomotives of Indian Railways are having with Electro Magnetic 3-phase Contactors for operating 3-phase Motors for Traction Motors .........
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Works: 3/4, Lakshman Das Lane, Howrah-711101,West Bengal. India
Telefax: (033)2642-4163/4156/4115
Contact: Mr. Swapan Chatterjee
E-mail: schatterjee@asianlocoswitch.com
        The Asian Plastic Co., Howrah, West Bengal, India was established in the year 1961. Initially the company was engaged in Plastic Moulding and supplied various items to Indian Telephone Industries, reputed manufacturing companies having their in house die making facilities and pressure moulding equipment. from 1970 onwards, the company switched over to manufacturing and supplying critical Electric / Diesel Locomotive equipments to Indian Railways Loco Manufacturing units as original fitment and to the Zonal Railways as spare. Some to our critical items viz, Master Controllers for both Electric And Diesel Locomotives, Electro Magnetic Contactors,BL Switch Boxes,Internal / External .......... More >>
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